JKidz Club is committed to enhancing and enriching new and lasting connections for Jewish families in the South Bay. We provide a wide range of Jewish social events and activities that are unifying and empowering.

Our goal is to create exciting and inspiring opportunities by engaging and connecting Jewish families (affiliated or non-affiliated) with children under 5.

About Us

JKidz Club is committed to playing a major role in the South Bay Jewish community. Our club provides members the chance to come together to socialize, engage in healthy Jewish activities, build relationships, and foster the growth of our children.

JKidz Club aims to be an avenue for the diverse Jewish families in the South bay to connect in a meaningful, social, and educational way. Our goal is to make an impact on the lives of our members through our wide range of enriching programs and events. We hope to start off as big idea in a small space and grow to be a hub of recreational enrichment for the South Bay Jewish community.

JKidz Club is constantly creating something new and exciting. We our members busy all year long through events, performances, classes, activities, and social gatherings – for kids and adults! At JKidz Club, there is truly something for everyone.

Children have so much to offer the world – we believe in the power that they hold and know that they will mold future generations to come. We at JKidz Club are committed to providing the support your children need to help them develop the skills they will require in the future. At the same time we are committed to supporting adults, caregivers, and families – we work to create the community you need to help you better serve your children!

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